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For the revered,

Hey, it’s Lance. I’m excited to launch the new tee that will be the Spring 2018 flagship for REVIRD, respectfully titled “DRIVEN.” DRIVEN features the signature REVIRD graphic, a tire mark, not to represent cars / bikes, but to represent the drive in you. Whatever your passion, the tire mark lets others know you don’t slow down when it comes to making things happen.

All shirts are designed, specially packaged, and shipped by myself. I don’t believe in passing orders off to another company to handle just so I can pump them out quicker and increase sales. This brand means a lot to me and I take every order personally. Each shirt order takes me roughly 5 minutes to package and you will see why when it arrives at your doorstep. These aren’t just tossed in a shipping envelope like most clothing brands.

I’m not doing this to make money. I’m doing this because I always wanted a brand of clothing that I could wear and actually connect with its message. No matter what yours is, to be revered is to live by the mentality that pursuing a passion that you love is something to be admired and respected.  

I’d love for you to be part of REVIRD. Running into some of you in your gear is the best feeling and I want to continue building that relationship.

Please leave a note in the “special instructions” at checkout if you would like me to write anything special on the package.

Ships April 5th. Limited production.

60% cotton, 40% polyester aka crazy soft.

color: black